I am having troubles labeling my map. I have fire occurrences in some regions in my map and I only want them to be labeled and the other regions with no fire to stay without a label.

I want all the (CAD_names) to appear if only (cadastral_1 > 0) and to be labeled (check image) I tried using "case when" and other stuff but it did not work. Here is my attribute table:

here is my attribute table


You have several options to achieve this.

You can label all features using an expression, and instruct to print the CAD_names or Null based on your condition:

if  ("cadastral_1" > 1,"CAD_names",null) 

enter image description here

Another option is to use Ruled Based Labeling, and to create a rule for when "cadastral_1" > 1

enter image description here enter image description here


You can use rule-based labeling for that.

  1. Right click on your layer and go to Layer properties
  2. Go to labels
  3. Select Rule-Based Labeling from the drop-down menu.
  4. Add a new rule using the + icon
  5. Next to filter, click the ... icon. enter image description here
  6. In the expression builder, expand the fields and values section
  7. Create filter rule "cadastral_1">0 and close the expression builder
  8. Select the field you want to display as label (CAD_names) enter image description here


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