I've got multiple county feature classes within a feature dataset. Within one of the county features I created a new field with coded subtypes. Whenever I'm editing this county in Arc and change this new fields attributes to one of these subtypes I get this pop-up:

You are changing the subtype for this feature. Do you want to change the default attributes for the feature to those defined by the new subtype?

Any ideas why this happens and how to make it stop?


From ArcGIS Desktop

From C:\Program Files(x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.4\Utilities
(depends on your version and installing path)

Open AdvancedArcMapSettings as administrator

From the Editor tab, uncheck Warn on subtype change

enter image description here

Then restart your ArcMap...

From ArcGIS Pro

Click on Project to go to the backstage area.

Choose Options and select the Editing item under Application.

Uncheck the Warn on subtype change

enter image description here

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