A newbie question in using ArcGIS Server REST service:

From the ArcGIS Services Directory, I opened the page of one layer in a MapServer service, this layer has a long list of attributes/fields. However, in the response of Query_Layer operation, it only includes two attribute fields in each feature object.

I am wondering is this a configurable setting? If so, where to control this to return all attribute fields?

Let me if further details of this question are needed.


In the Result Options box near the bottom of the page, there is an input for 'Return Fields (Comma Separated)'. Accordingly, you put in a comma delimited list of the fields you want included. Its the same thing for all of the web api's as well, there is a property where you set what fields get returned to the client.

I think by default, it only returns OBJECTID and Display Field.


In case someone needs this in the requesturl, it is now called "outFields". An example request:


If you need all fields just use an asterisk.

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