I have a vector layer that i would like to join with a list. The problem is that my vactor layer does not hold any overlapping or dublicate objects, but my list does. The list does not have any geomatrical data but it has an id field that coresponds with that of the vector layer. When i'm using the join feature in the property menu i only get the first item in the list which has a corresponding id in the vector layer. Is there a way to get a new vector layer from the join that includes every item from the list with the corresponding information and polygon from the vector layer?

What i'm looking for is the following:

The list contains no geographical information, but the result does.

Hope this is clear enough, please send me a comment otherwise.


An approach by a Virtual Layer.

Query is

SELECT The_vector.ID AS ID, 
       The_list.info AS info_list, 
       The_vector.info AS info_vector
FROM The_vector
ON The_vector.ID = The_list.ID

enter image description here

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