I have to analyze some CORDEX models which have a rotated pole projection. The projection is described in this document, see page 10, Table 1, row "Europe high res".

I have tried to describe the proj4 string like so: +proj=ob_tran +o_proj=longlat +o_lon_p=-162.0 +o_lat_p=39.25 +lon_0=180 +lat_0=0, but it seems that this is not correct, at least using sf in R:

st_crs(rsf) <- "+proj=ob_tran +o_proj=longlat +o_lon_p=-162.0 +o_lat_p=39.25 +lon_0=180 +lat_0=0"
Warning message:
In CPL_crs_from_proj4string(x) :
  Cannot import crs from PROJ.4 string `+proj=ob_tran +o_proj=longlat +o_lon_p=-162.0 +o_lat_p=39.25 +lon_0=180 +lat_0=0', missing crs returned

What is the correct CRS for this projection?


With the help of Edzer and others we conjured a solution that works. See the GitHub issue here. It is a workaround and is not the most beautiful approach, but it works.

Basically using the proj.4 crs "+proj=ob_tran +o_proj=longlat +o_lon_p=-162 +o_lat_p=39.25 +lon_0=180 +to_meter=0.01745329" works, with the caveat of using R lwgeom to project instead of sf::st_transform, since GDAL currently does not understand this projection (it will in the next version).

# d is the input dataset saved in an sf object
x <- lwgeom::st_transform_proj(d, c(st_crs(4326)$proj4string, "+proj=ob_tran +o_proj=longlat +o_lon_p=-162 +o_lat_p=39.25 +lon_0=180 +to_meter=0.01745329"))
sf:st_crs(x) = NA # ?! This is mandatory for some reason
sf::st_crs(x) = 4326
sf::plot(x, axes = TRUE)

enter image description here

  • This proj4 string isn't accepted in QGIS. Any idea why? QGIS doesn't give much detail.. just "The proj4 definition of 'CORDEX EUR-44' is not valid." ... Maybe a better question: Which version of GDAL was "the next version", when you posted this? – naught101 Jan 22 '20 at 5:13
  • @naught101 as you can see in R I had some issues as well, I have no idea what's the issue with this proj4 string. I think the version of GDAL I talk about was going to be GDAL3.0, but I might be wrong – AF7 Jan 23 '20 at 7:35
  • OK, well I'm stuck on 2.4 for the time being. Maybe I will try and upgrade.. Any idea if there's a simple way to test the validity of a proj4 string? – naught101 Jan 25 '20 at 1:29
  • @naught101 I'm sure there are several ways; google returns for example this: rdrr.io/github/lbusett/MODIStsp/man/check_proj4string.html, but try man proj for a more direct way using the command line proj program (on Unix). – AF7 Jan 26 '20 at 9:23

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