I have a tool that builds global mapper workspaces (GMW) reads text file of inputs and matching crop files. Right now it's broken because the coordinates it's putting in are in the wrong format. (we're reprojecting the coordinates from Lambert Conformal Conic NAD83 to Geographic WGS84 with the tool)

What are these XY coordinate pairs format in? DEFINE_SHAPE SHAPE_NAME="CUSTOM_CROP_POLY" 86719.728,-17769.678 86724.447,-41056.077 86722.043,-67997.092 86701.989,-72329.834 73283.127,-72367.604 -69940.830,-72419.735 -69979.327,-24217.469 -70028.004,72186.140 -70025.776,72891.778 71991.936,72903.615 86649.571,72883.481 86696.503,68216.201 86711.350,53742.419 86719.728,-17769.678 END_DEFINE_SHAPE

It's not Geographic WGS84 these are in that and they don't work DEFINE_SHAPE SHAPE_NAME="CUSTOM_CROP_POLY" -80.096204,35.076877 -80.098833,34.866366 -80.100575,34.729513 -80.101942,34.622879 -80.102655,34.583728 -80.249271,34.584553 -80.499368,34.586011 -81.814207,34.584342 -81.819085,35.020018 -81.828698,35.891928 -81.828741,35.898313 -81.820307,35.898379 -80.499383,35.899769 -80.249394,35.898266 -80.086403,35.896796 -80.086432,35.854564 -80.087970,35.723620 -80.096204,35.076877 END_DEFINE_SHAPE http://www.bluemarblegeo.com/knowledgebase/global-mapper-19/cmd/DEFINE_SHAPE.htm?tocpath=Scripting%20Reference%7CDefine%20data%7C_____1


Those XY coordinates pairs are in the native coordinate system of the file you want to apply the cropping to. Your Geographic WGS84 coordinate pairs will work only for files which are originally stored in the Geographic WGS84 coordinate system.

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