In QGIS the go2streetview Plugin is there ready to go - the icon displays and the window asks you to click on map and drag cursor to display Google Street View. When this is carried out nothing happens though in the browser window that is locked in. However - if I click on the map and drag the cursor whilst holding down the control key - it works but opens up in a new browser window. I want the view to stay in the locked browser window. enter image description here

  • I got the same problem in version 2.18. First noticed 12/11/2018. Works in version 3, but that doesn't help. I need to use it in version 2.18 – Miro Sihelsky Nov 14 '18 at 11:59

running into the same problem. upgraded QGIS from Essen to Las Palmas(2.18) and all the sudden lost my windowed view, but you're right, holding control helps in the meantime.


Try to install QGIS 3.2. Madeira.

Also, I had this problem yesterday and now It's ok. I hope.

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