I left arcgis and microsoft sql and now I am trying to connect Qgis+PostgreSQL (PostGIS) + GeoServer.

I've brought my postgis database to the server, created a "store". And now I'm trying to publish a layer. So I went to Layers- Choose my layer- Publish- Edit Layer (Data/Publishing)- configure everything there- SAVE and nothing happens... I can't see my layer in "Layer Preview"

So maybe configuring was wrong. I chose the native SRS, point style, authority name: admin, authorithy URL (is it the server's URL?? ). What is layer identifier, as well?

Thank your patience and answers:)


I have a tutorial you can follow at http://ian01.geog.psu.edu/geoserver_docs/data/naturalearth/index.html which should get you started. With out more information about what is actually going wrong (e.g. the log entries) it's hard to see what might be specifically wrong in your case.

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    the log says something like this:"2012-06-13 13:09:43,003 WARN [geoserver.web] - Unable to find property: 'format.wms.image/png; mode=8bit' for component: [class=org.geoserver.web.demo.MapPreviewPage] " I did succed publishing a layer on another computer. I don't know why it doesn't work on this one. Sorry :(
    – Ligia
    Jun 13 '12 at 10:10

you can check out this doc. here Publishing a PostGIS Table and can try example data which links publish on it whether your file is correct or not.

beside this you can visit here - How to Connect GeoServer to PostGIS Spatial Datasets for secondary alternative.

i hope it helps you....

  • i've already visited these links. I followed the steps recommended there. But I didn't find anything about "authority name"/ "layer identifier"
    – Ligia
    Jun 12 '12 at 16:43

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