I installed an OSM Tile Server on Ubuntu 16.04.1 based on this tutorial: https://ircama.github.io/osm-carto-tutorials/tile-server-ubuntu https://ircama.github.io/osm-carto-tutorials/tile-server-ubuntu I loaded a full country.osm.pbf data (downloaded from Geofabrik) to PostgreSQL. The server works.

Now, I wanted to pre-generate tiles with generate_tiles.py script (source: https://github.com/openstreetmap/mapnik-stylesheets/blob/master/generate_tiles.py) I set the parameters in the script (zoom level: 15, bbox is a defined area within the country).

The script run successfully, but the problem is that there are some empty tiles. While generating tiles, it writes randomly empty tiles on the log during the process. It seems that it is totally random and not connected to a geographic area. I checked them, and they are exists, but with homogeneous color, so they are really empty.

What should I do to fix this problem?

Screenshot: a busy cat empty tiles

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