I have 73 locations that I have plotted in my attribute table, which I've labelled and can successfully create a map using Template Selector and then export this to a PDF for processing.

Is there a way to export every entry in the attribute table to a map without having to go through them one-by-one?

I'm using QGIS 2.18.14

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What you're looking for is the Atlas Generator. There are some excellent tutorials that cover this topic. Here's a brief overview.

In your Composer screen, you should see the Atlas generation tab in the sidebar. Check Generate an atlas, then select your_layer as the Coverage layer. Select your_attribute for the Page name. In the atlas toolbar, you can now turn on Preview Atlas (that's the far left button pictured below) and tab through the 73 features, each in their own map.

atlas tab

atlas toolbar

To make best use of the atlas tools, you'll need to use atlas variables in your composer screen, and possibly in your layer styling as well. For instance, a text box with your map's title would need to say something like Map of [% @atlas_pagename %] in order to update for each feature.

Additionally, under your map's Item properties tab, you may wish to select Controlled by atlas to automatically set the map position/scale relative to the individual feature.

item properties tab

When you're certain that your maps display to your liking, you can then bulk export your atlas as individual files, or even as a multi-page PDF.

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