I have a point file with an attribute table. In the attribute table I am able to display the X and Y coordinates using the field calculator. These coordinates are in ETRS89. Because the end-user of the data uses a different system (EPSG:28992) I would like to display two more columns in my attribute table with the X and Y in EPSG:28992.

I thought I'd use the transform function but I can't get it to function. I would like the values to change if I move the location of the point in my chart.

How do I fix this?


Solved this by: Setting the default value in the attributes form designer to: x(transform($geometry,'EPSG:28992','EPSG:4326')) and checking the update box This transforms from X in my native system to Longitude (WGS '84). Did the same for y to Latitude (WGS '84).

I also wanted an extra two columns in my database with the proper nautical notation. Repeated the default trick by by setting the default of these columns to: to_dm("[columname of Latitude in D,d]", 'y', 4)

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