Does someone knows is there a method of a qgis class to store styles to a postgis stored style. I know I can save a qlm file but I'm a searching for an alternative to this.

As an alternative I try to store vector styles in a spatialite database using pyspatialite. First a create the tables to store it SELECT CreateStylingTables();. I'm fine from taht point but I'm struggling with the sql function select RegisterVectorStyledLayer();. I set the name of the table and it geometry column, as it said in the documentation, but I have a message error that says the function doesn't exists.

I would really want to do as qgis does from gui (layer properties/save style in database). So I'm searching for a piece of code to do this.

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According to the documentation for SpatiaLite SQL functions, the function should be SE_RegisterVectorStyledLayer (and not RegisterVectorStyledLayer as stated above)

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