I'm having issues plotting a point that I converted from DMS to DD on a map projected in State Plane PA South

I'm given a point...

77° 30’ 10.3” W, 40° 8’ 12.0” N

And need to convert it to decimal degrees for ArcGIS so...


Yet when I add this to my map and add a basemap, the point is thrown off to the west in the wrong direction...

My point has the correct projection system...


Looking in my Layers -> Properties -> Coordinate System I have the same projection...


Yet the point is somewhere off in Ohio not Pennsylvania.

enter image description here

Could someone help me in where I'm going wrong in my process?

I don't know which part is incorrect my conversion or how I'm projecting the data on the map.



Should be


As West is negative not positive.

Then when create a feature class from XY Table, use WGS 1984 Geographic projection and then use the Project tool to the desired projection.

From the help I got on Reddit.

  • I think you also need to switch the latitude and longitude. Negative first implies Southern Hemisphere. – Keagan Allan Mar 4 '18 at 12:13

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