I am trying to join a table to a feature class in , and use the joined fields to create custom symobology based on the joined fields as the picture 1 below for Arcmap using ArcObjects. I am successfully joining the tables, and I can see the new fields in the layer when I open it's attribute table, however once successfully joined, and the code runs to specify the rederer I check the symbology and the entire category criteria gets hidden as picture 2. What could be causing this ? It is very strange, when I remove the code where the layer and table get joined, the symbology becomes correct using the 3 values I specified and it doesn't disappear.

Picture 1 [Picture 2[2]

Here my code

   protected override void OnClick()

    // code that gets all the proper objects
       var geoLayer=(IGeoFeatureLayer)ftrLayer;


      // method to join table and ftr class layer
     public void JoinTables(  IStandaloneTable pStTable,IFeatureLayer ftrLayer, IFeatureClass ftrClass){
       var pTabCollection = (IStandaloneTableCollection)arcMapApp.Document.FocusMap;
        if (pTabCollection.StandaloneTableCount == 0) {
        var pDispTable2 = (IDisplayTable)pStTable;
        var pTTable = pDispTable2.DisplayTable;
        IMemoryRelationshipClassFactory pMemRelFact;
        IRelationshipClass pRelClass;
        pMemRelFact = new MemoryRelationshipClassFactoryClass();
        pRelClass = pMemRelFact.Open("JoinedLayerAndTable", (IObjectClass)pTTable, "CL_ID",
          (IObjectClass)ftrClass, "ID", "forward", "backward", esriRelCardinality.esriRelCardinalityOneToMany);
        var dispRC = (IDisplayRelationshipClass)ftrLAyer;
        dispRC.DisplayRelationshipClass(pRelClass, esriJoinType.esriLeftOuterJoin); 

   public void CreateRenderer( IGeoFeatureLayer ftrLAyer){

        IUniqueValueRenderer renderer = new UniqueValueRendererClass();

        renderer.FieldCount = 3;
        renderer.Field[0] = "CATEGORY_NAME";
        renderer.Field[1] = "TYPE_NAME";
        renderer.Field[2] = "UUID";
        renderer.FieldDelimiter = "|";
        renderer.ColorScheme = "Custom";
        renderer.FieldType[0] = true;
        renderer.FieldType[1] = true;
        renderer.FieldType[2] = true;

        ILineSymbol smb = new SimpleLineSymbolClass();
        smb.Width = 2;
        IRgbColor clr = new RgbColorClass();
        clr.Red = 255;
        clr.Green = 0;
        clr.Blue = 0;
        smb.Color = clr;

        renderer.AddValue("XX1|INSUR|DWA", "www", (ISymbol)smb);
        pGeoFeatureLayer.Renderer = (IFeatureRenderer)renderer;
        var pUID = new UIDClass();
        pUID.Value = "{683C994E-A17B-11D1-8816-080009EC732A}";
        pGeoFeatureLayer.RendererPropertyPageClassID = pUID;

You mention that you are trying to join your table to the feature class, but your code below is doing the opposite.

pRelClass = pMemRelFact.Open("JoinedLayerAndTable", (IObjectClass)pTTable, "CL_ID", (IObjectClass)ftrClass, "ID", "forward", "backward", esriRelCardinality.esriRelCardinalityOneToMany);

Try the following:

public void JoinTables(IStandaloneTable pStTable, IFeatureLayer ftrLayer) {

    var ftLayerDispTable = (IDisplayTable)ftrLayer;
    var ftrDisplayTable = ftLayerDispTable.DisplayTable;

    var pDispTable2 = (IDisplayTable)pStTable;
    var pTTable = pDispTable2.DisplayTable;

    IMemoryRelationshipClassFactory pMemRelFact = new MemoryRelationshipClassFactoryClass();

    var pRelClass = pMemRelFact.Open("JoinedLayerAndTable", (IObjectClass) ftrDisplayTable, "ID",
        (IObjectClass) pTTable, "CL_ID", "forward", "backward", esriRelCardinality.esriRelCardinalityOneToOne);

    var dispRc = (IDisplayRelationshipClass)ftrLayer;
    dispRc.DisplayRelationshipClass(pRelClass, esriJoinType.esriLeftOuterJoin);

You also need to use the following when setting the property page pUid.Value = "esriCartoUI.CombiUniqueValuePropertyPage"; then you need to call ActiveView.ContentsChanged(); not UpdateContents()

Edit: Another thing to note is when using fields from the Joined table in your renderer you need to specify the fully qualified field name in the join table.

  • You also need to use the following when setting the property page pUid.Value = "esriCartoUI.CombiUniqueValuePropertyPage"; then you need to call ActiveView.ContentsChanged(); not UpdateContents() – omarello Mar 8 '18 at 8:18

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