I have found below UID to add a flag and barrier.

Flag and Barrier Tools : {C86085FD-D8D9-11D2-9F4F-00C04F6BDF0E}

But nothing is executed when using this UID. I would need to know the UIDs for junction flag, junction barrier, edge flag and edge barrier to invoke them from my application developing using arcobjects .net.

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You can find all of the UID's here.

In your case here are the GUID's you are looking for:

Junction Flag: {11B02B2F-D8E7-11D2-9F4F-00C04F6BDF0E}
Junction Barrier: {26C85979-D8E7-11D2-9F4F-00C04F6BDF0E}
Edge Flag: {0768070F-D8E7-11D2-9F4F-00C04F6BDF0E}
Edge Barrier: I could not find this, the one you are looking for may have a different name.

  • Thanks a lot its working.but i con't find the Edge barrier UID .Any other option to get Edge barrier UID?. Commented Mar 12, 2018 at 10:08

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