I have a suspicion that arcpy.CreateFeatureClass_management() has one more parameter at ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2 than it did at ArcGIS Pro 2.0.

Is the ArcGIS Pro 2.0 Help still available online to check this?

I would have expected to find it linked at the Documentation page like the old documentation for ArcMap is.


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I don't think that the old help is available online, however, if you want to see what has changed for tools, you can visit the appropriate History section of the toolbox the tool resides in.

Data Management Toolbox History

Per that link, yes, Create FeatureClass has a new parameter, out_alias added at 2.1 to the end.


It seems that with Pro the 'What's new' section is the only way to find differences between versions.

For your question, the What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.1 page says that a new parameter has been added to the Create Feature Class tool (allowing you to set an alias). So, this parameter is new to 2.1 indeed.

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