I have created a model in ModelBuilder and I need to pass a list of rasters from my code (C#) but until now, ModelBuilder gets only the first record in the array.

I have been passing it in different ways like:

IVariantArray parameters = new VarArrayClass();
parameters.Add(lstRoots);//lstRoots is a list of strings with the root of the raster.

Other way:

foreach (string r in lstRoots) //lstRoots is a list of strings with the root of the raster.

And another way:

IVariantArray parameters = new VarArrayClass();
IVariantArray paramlist = new VarArrayClass();

foreach (string r in lstRoots) 

result = (IGeoProcessorResult)GP.Execute("ModelCellStatistics", parameters, null);

In the model I have created a variable that is the parameter with multiple values:

enter image description here

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I can solved using layers.name!

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