I'm trying to read a geojson file into leaflet. Everything works out when I copy the text from the geojson file and paste it into

var data = { }

So I think the file should be ok for leaflet. But I rather want to be able to read the actual file. Right now I keep all files locally on my hard drive. I loaded Ajax and tried to read the file by

var data = L.GeoJSON.AJAX("data.json")

If I open the HTML the map loads, but not the point markers of the geojson file. When I use the Firefox Console I get:

TypeError: this.callInitHooks is not a function

What am I doing wrong?

  • It should be L.geoJSON or new L.GeoJSON. – TomazicM Mar 8 '18 at 17:56
  • Thanks for your answer. But it didn't solve my problem. If I use L.geoJSON I get the same error, with new L.geoJSON I get Error: Invalid GeoJSON object., which doesn't make sense, since it works when I use the same data and var data = L.GeoJSON.AJAX("data.json") – andieich Mar 8 '18 at 18:27
  • 1
    Sorry, I was not mindful enough when answering. If you are using leaflet-ajax plugin, it should definitely be var geojsonLayer = new L.GeoJSON.AJAX("geojson.json"); or var geojsonLayer = L.geoJson.ajax("data.json"); . See github.com/calvinmetcalf/leaflet-ajax – TomazicM Mar 8 '18 at 19:15
  • @TomazicM: you should turn your comment into a proper answer. – ghybs Mar 9 '18 at 9:33
  • with both I get Error: Invalid GeoJSON object. – andieich Mar 9 '18 at 13:37

I found the answer myself after reading this

Apparently, just reading a GeoJSON file is not working, since you need the "response" of it:


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