Trying to republish feature layers in ArcGIS online but getting an ERROR 001270. Basically, we were having issues exporting/downloading a feature layer to FGDB from Arc GIS Online. ESRI support stepped in because nothing seemed to be working and the data had information and attachments that we couldn't just get rid of. They sent us the FGDB and I copied it and edited it with the hopes of republishing it. I checked/repaired the geometry and tried basically every work around I could find online regarding error 001270. The feature is a point file that has a relationship class with the attachments table but now you just see the table and feature class as separate objects in AGO, not the usual feature with files attached, like before.

I might just have to go back to ESRI support, but I already spent 2 hours of their time getting the FGDB exported and downloaded.

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