I am beginner with the RTree I use libspatialindex, I will want to know how I insert a polygon / point with a measurement (statistic or measurement of weather) do I have to change the structure ?

from rtree import index

idx = index.Index()
idx.insert(0, (0, 0, 1,1 ),my mesure)

yet I see in the class Node the attribute byte** m_pData; (it is he who contains the information of each leaf)

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I suspect you're reading the libspatialite documentation. Libspatialite is written in C++.

Your code uses RTree. This is a Python library, which uses Libspatialite.

See using rtree as a cheapo spatial database.

Anything which can be 'pickled' can be used as the last parameter.

For example, you could pass a simple value

index.insert(id=id, bounds=(left, bottom, right, top), obj=42)

or something more detailed...

index.insert(id=id, bounds=(left, bottom, right, top), obj={'average':42,'count':12,'type':'awesome'})

RTree will take your python objects and convert them into the objects needed by Libspatialite.

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