I have used gdal_translate in the past with grib2 files without a problem, but when I run my command:

gdal_translate -of GTIFF -b 1 input_grib2 output_raster

My values for the output raster are -3 for all pixels (I believe this is the nodata value from the grib2 file).

When I bring the grib2 directly into ArcGIS I can see the actual values which range from -3 to 120.1

When I use gdalinfo -stats the values of band 1 (the only band) are all -3

I am trying not to use any arcgis (arcpy) commands in this script, and I am searching for a way to fix this just using gdal.

The grib2 file is coming from here:


After clipping the grib2 file using wgrib2 -small_grib it works -- would like to find a way around this, but I needed a smaller area of interest anyways so it works out I guess.

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