I have a form / survey created for Survey123. It has been published and I can access the data which has been captured through the ArcGIS Online Portal.

I would like to read the attribute information from this form in Excel. Similarly as I have connections to my SQL Databases and I can read the attribute information stored in the databases connected to my Collector for ArcGIS maps.

I know how to download the CSV / SHP / FGDB information, but I would like to connect to this information without the need to have a user logon to the AGOL and download it. Some users will not have ArcGIS Installed on their machines, so using Python is an option, but I cannot use arcpy.

Is there a workflow that will allow me to have a live connection between Excel and the attribute information stored in my Survey123 Form?


You can configure your survey123 form with a webhook, so everytime data is submitted, a new record is added into an xls file hosted in Microsoft 365 or in a Google Spreadsheet.

In this way, you have a spreadsheet showing live data from Survey123 and people dont need anything extra to look at the data.

You can learn more about webhooks in survey123 here


And here:


Microsoft Flow, Zapier, Integromat... are all great options with connectors that let you work with spreadsheets.


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