I have two layers open. One is a Natural Earth ocean layer, the other an output from an NOAA computer forecast model. The forecast model is misplaced to the east as seen in this image.

QGIS knows:


226.8750000000000000,9.8750000000000000 : 300.1250000000000000,55.125000000000000

And assigns the data to:

CRS USER:100025 - * Generated CRS (+proj=longlat +a=6371229 +b=6371229 +no_defs) - Projected

How can I move my data where it belongs?


While your raster (NOAA grib file) is showing map in 0-360 domain, Natural Earth is on -180 - + 180. I think you basically have 2 options:

  1. Choose 0-360 and modify shapefile............ For this option, see answer to Changing shapefile longitude from -180 - 180 to 0 - 360? by Antonio Falciano.
  2. Reproject raster to -180 - +180.................... For this option, see answer to Plotting layer given with Longitudes [0 360] to [-180 180]? by AndreJ.

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