I have a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame in R that I want to export to shapefile. I used writeOGR to export but the cells with that contain text values with accents (é, è, à, ê, etc) are blank. When I export only the data slot as a csv file, the values are preserved.

I have used the following when exporting:

writeOGR(obj=for.ana, dsn=".", layer="for_export",driver="ESRI Shapefile", encoding="UTF-8")

When I want to import a similar shapefile with French accents, I use the following code that works:

readOGR(".","file", use_iconv=TRUE, encoding="UTF-8")

What is the equivalent code for exporting?

enter image description here

  • For sure you could share test data that has one random polygon with attributes and values which are alike your real data.
    – user30184
    Mar 15, 2018 at 15:02

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writeOGR(obj=for.ana, dsn=".", layer="for_export",driver="ESRI Shapefile", layer_options = "ENCODING=UTF-8")

Instead of:

writeOGR(obj=for.ana, dsn=".", layer="for_export",driver="ESRI Shapefile", encoding="UTF-8")

With layer_options, you add the parameters to ogr2ogr shell command. Check GDAL documentation for more options.

  • @user3386170 ok. Edited and tested
    – aldo_tapia
    Mar 16, 2018 at 16:05
  • When I opened the file in QGIS, I had to set encoding to system in order for the accents to display correctly (instead of UTF-8). An easy fix but odd given that the encoding is set to UTF-8. Mar 16, 2018 at 19:30
  • Weird, I tested it with success. What is the output of Sys.getenv('LC_CTYPE') from R?
    – aldo_tapia
    Mar 16, 2018 at 19:34
  • And for Sys.getlocale()?
    – aldo_tapia
    Mar 16, 2018 at 19:49
  • "LC_COLLATE=French_Canada.1252;LC_CTYPE=French_Canada.1252;LC_MONETARY=French_Canada.1252;LC_NUMERIC=C;LC_TIME=French_Canada.1252" Mar 16, 2018 at 19:54

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