I'm trying to create a tile layer via the ArcGIS API for Python. When creating a tile layer in AGOL (manually) they have you specify a range of scales for the zoom level (e.g. 1:1000 or 1:4000).

But for the create_tile_service method, they tell you to specify the scales as a floating point number. So would the range of 1:1000 and 1:4000 look like this? Otherwise, I'm not sure what scale I should be referring to.

gis = GIS('arcgis.com','username','pwd')
some_feature_layer = feature_layer.url
                                        1000.00, # min scale
                                        4000.00) # max scale
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Yes, 1000.0000 is how you would specify a 1:1000 scale when creating a cached tile service. I use 1:1155581.108577 as my greatest scale and the parameter I pass is 1155581.108577.

Also, a tiled service is a REST service endpoint for a tiled layer. So they are not the same thing but when you make a request to a tiled service, you receive a tiled layer (or data from a tiled layer).


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