My QGIS3 raster menu seems to be incomplete:

enter image description here

Analysys, projections, extraction, and all other items are not present, only calculator, align and georeferencer are... I'm on OSX 10.11.6. Reinstalling or new profile does not work.

Well, I don't know why but there are two raster menus in my QGIS3 installation.

enter image description here

In this second menu item all things seems to be on position. Any idea why this behavior occurs? Any way to join both menus?

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This issue, as well as other variants of it, has been reported here. It has to do with the locale you've selected, and certain menu items not translating properly. As Asier Sarasua reports:

Trying other languages, I noticed the issue appears in languages where the string "&Raster" is NOT translated exactly as "&Raster". The problem is in languages with other translations (R&aster, &Ráster, &Rasterra, &Rastra...).


  1. Some users report that selecting "Settings > Options > Processing > Reset to Defaults" and restarting QGIS solves this problem. For some, however, this does not work.

  2. You can also fix this in "Options > Processing" as follows:

    1. Find the menu items normally in your toolbar under the "Menus" section of this screen.
    2. Expand the given item, and double-click on the "Menu Path" field.
    3. Replace the listed menu path with the appropriate menu designation.
    4. Restart QGIS.

Here's the menu settings screen:

menu modification

Not only can you use this to put your functions back into the correct menu, you can use it to create new menus or rearrange items to your liking. For example, I've here moved the Aspect tool from the Raster menu to a new "Custom" menu bar.

custom menu

I use this function to keep frequently-used algorithms close at hand, and also to declutter menus of items I do not use, but it can be an effective solution to this problem if "reset to defaults" does not solve this for you.


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