I'm trying to set geolocation metadata in a gdal vrt with python bindings.

ds = gdal.Open('foo')
ds.SetMetadata ({'X_BAND' : '1'})
gdal.BuildVRT('bar', ds)

Results in a vrt with the following metadata

<MDI key="X_BAND">1</MDI>

However, I need the metadata to read:

<Metadata domain="GEOLOCATION">
<MDI key="X_BAND">1</MDI>

I'm able to accomplish this using ds.SetMetaDataItem("X_BAND", "1", "geolocation") but would like to know how to do it with gdal.SetMetadata

I know the problem is with my failure to understand how swig is translating the python to the C++ so hopefully someone can quickly fix my syntax. From http://gdal.org/python/

SetMetadata(self, *args)
SetMetadata(self, char papszMetadata, char pszDomain = "") -> CPLErr   
SetMetadata(self, char pszMetadataString, char pszDomain = "") -> CPLErr
  • Try passing a dict - ds.SetMetadata({"X_BAND": 1}, "GEOLOCATION") – user2856 Mar 19 '18 at 9:04
  • Yes! That did it (as long as the "1" is in quotes). If you post this as an answer I will accept, thanks. – bbuzz31 Mar 19 '18 at 20:44

You can do this by passing a dict:

ds.SetMetadata({"X_BAND": "1" }, "GEOLOCATION")

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