So many tools support chaining, or piping in data from standard input. This can decrease times needed for disk writing and also better use the memory of a machine. Examples of chaining: GDAL - "Chaining", and osmconvert. For example:

bzcat europe.osm.bz2 | osmconvert - -o=europe.o5m

How can I do similar operations to include osmfilter? Something like this:

cat input.osm | osmfilter > output.osm

One potential non-answer, from the Ubuntu man page for osmfilter

The input file name must be supplied as command line argument.

The file must not be a stream.

Redirections from standard input will not work because the program needs random access to the file.

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    Interestingly the source code of osmfilter.c, specifically read_open(), contains code for reading from stdin. Possibly some old, obsolete code. I don't have a copy of osmfilter here but you could try if it works. Looks like just omitting the input filename is enough for triggering this code. – scai Mar 19 '18 at 12:34

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