I would like to get WMO weather stations observations daily reports from the web in file or web-service form. According to WMO Resolution 40 -info- this data should be availiable in text form with SYNOP codes.

Does anyone know a place to look for this data?

I've looked through NCEP and NASA sites, and didn't find the dataset itself.

I've found only http://www.ogimet.com site, that provides data in html and txt form, but you have to specify a WMO station index or a region - so no service for global coverage (all WMO stations). I suppose this site gets information from the resource, that I'm looking for.


SYNOP data (and some data from ships and mobile land stations) in text form from the last 25 hours is (re-)published by the NWS department of the NOAA. Note that SYNOP in text form (Traditional Alphanumeric Code, TAC) is being replaced by the BUFR format; some countries (e.g. Germany) have stopped to provide TAC. NOAA also has BUFR data.

Note that this data is still owned by the original provider, further processing may be restricted.


this site will give you hourly observations for up to 4000 synop observations at the main hours of 0000,0600,1200,1800.

http://weather.cod.edu/digatmos/syn/ I started developing mapping programs about 1990 which grew into a very complex system used by many amateurs as well as some private forecasting companies. due to the lack of support by Microsoft Visual Basic 6 was no longer usable on later versions of windows and I was forced to cease further development. a few urls are now out of date but 95% of the system still works. The system METEOSCREEN COLLECTS THE DATA AUTOMATICALLY AND THEN PLOTS A VARIETY OF MAPS FOR THAT HOUR. I AM NO LONGER FULLY SUPOORTING IT BUT I AM WILLING TO GIVE SOME BASIC HELP TO GET IT GOING. IT ALSO DOES METARS.

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