I am trying to visualize a large sf dataframe with around 1000 rows containing linestrings with mapview::mapview() in R. Unfortunately a warning comes up when I perform the command:


Warning message:
In leaflet_sfc(sf::st_geometry(x), map = map, zcol = zcol, color = clrs,  :
  the supplied feature layer has more points/vertices than the set threshold.
  using special rendering function, hence things may not behave as expected from a standard leaflet map,
  e.g. you will likely need to zoom in to popup-query features

  to see the number of points/vertices of the layer use 'npts(x)'
  to see the threshold for the feature type use 'mapview:::getMaxFeatures(x)'
  to adjust the threshold use argument 'maxpoints'

And then I try to export as html and I get:

R code execution error

And the saved file is 0 kb.

Is there a fix or a workaround with some other function from the package?

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I fixed the error by adding maxpoints argument:

mapview::mapview(data.frame, maxpoints = 1000000)

Seems this increased the previously set threshold for plotting maximum number of features.

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