I dissolved the polygons specifically to get a unified outline without any interior boundaries showing. Now I've got a partially broken interior line within the polygon.

This is for cartographic display reasons; I know that I can display the polygon without a boundary, but I'm already using that technique to display another layer in the map.

I used the dissolve tool in ArcMap 10 (ArcInfo) SP4.

Why does this tool leave artifacts of previous polygon boundaries??

Polygon artifacts


There was a sliver between the original polygons. You will have to edit those vertices out.
You could use the eliminate (arcinfo).
Also this question has some direction
Also another direction to what you did would be the trace command (resources.esri)

  • That is to say they need to exactly share that border? – Roy Jun 18 '12 at 13:58
  • 1
    yes, that is how dissolve works. I think there is a tolerance seting but from my old school experience you don't have much control over how the tol is applied. – Brad Nesom Jun 18 '12 at 14:11
  • 2
    Thanks, I inserted vertices on one of the polygons with snapping and everything went through the second time. – Roy Jun 18 '12 at 14:14

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