I couldn't change ArcGIS Web App Builder application spatial reference (wkid 102100) to wkid 4326 even though I changed it in the configuration. Is there anywhere else where I have to make changes to a config file? The one below is in WebAppBuilderForArcGIS2.6\server\apps\2\config.json

  "mapOptions": {
    "extent": {
      "xmin": -73.3563082698,
      "ymin": -33.485687785,
      "xmax": 61.373452187,
      "ymax": 29.4752271893,
      "spatialReference": {
        "wkid": 4326

What I am using:

  • Web App Builder 2.6 Javascript API 3.22

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The property you modified is the map extent, which is defined by the xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax and the spatial reference. You can give a different coordinates, with a different spatial reference, but it won't change the Web Map spatial reference, it refers only to the coordinates you provide to the map extent.

A WebApp Builder app has an itemId, that you can find in the config file, for example: "itemId": "b05788b519834f128aaf2dee0acd4a6b" Such property is the WebMap of the App. If you want to use another Spatial Reference, you have to set up a different WebMap, with a different Spatial reference. But the important thing here is that the WebMap will have the spatial reference of the Basemap, because the Basemap establishes the coordinate system of the map (see ESRI doc).

So you have to set up a WebMap with a Basemap that has as spatial reference the wkid 4326.

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