I'm opening a GeoPackage made by QGIS 2.18.17 then closing it and opening it with:

  • spatialite_gui (spatialite lib loaded:4.3.0a)
  • DB Browser (SELECT load_extension('mod_spatialite');)

Spatialite libs 4.3.0 are loaded. (I made a SELECT spatialite_version())

Creating my own table is OK but when I want to append a geometry column, the command fails with the sentence:

no such function: gpkgAddGeomtryColumn:"SELECT gpkgAddGeomtryColumn('test','geom' ,'MULTIPOLYGON' ,1 ,0 ,3163);"

This function is listed in here in the section SQL functions implementing OGC GeoPackage compatibility

Does somebody knows why this function is not found?

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Looks like a typo in the documentation. The function name is gpkgAddGeometryColumn while the usage docs are (incorrectly) gpkgAddGeomtryColumn(...): void.

In your usage, you're missing the e.


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