I explain my geoprocess:

  1. start of a very long linestring
  2. Segmented linestring, 20 meter segments with ST_Segmentize, save the order of segments, ex 0 is start segment and 200 end segment
  3. I need to select certain segments within the linestring; selecting by order, ex: select segments between 10 and 20
  4. with the selected segements I need to join them in 1 single linestring


the union of the selected segments does not generate a valid segment according to the answer

Converting MultiLinestring to Linestring with PostGIS?

I usually use st_union to join the segments, and it works correctly while these are valid; the problem is that I have linestring not valid; this generate multilinestring

this is the case:

enter image description here

posible solution???

I think the best solution could be a recursive st_union that links all the segments in a certain order

generating step by step, singing linestring to generate a valid and simple linestring, this approach would be correct?

or can there be any tool in postgis that realizes this?

  • This is quite late a reply, but have you tried using st_collect() instead? – scabecks Feb 21 '19 at 4:40

Perhaps extract the individual points using ST_DumpPoints, and then connect them into a single LineString using ST_MakeLine(ST_Collect(pts)).

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