I have problems with QGIS 2 crashing and first I tried to purge and reinstall it. So I removed .qgis2 folder from ~/ and did all that apt-get remove --purge qgis etc., so commands like

dpkg -l | grep qgis, dpkg -l | grep qgs, find / -name '*qgis*', find / -name '*qgs*'

were all giving me empty results. That means there was no single file or directory on my Ubuntu 16.04 containing "qgis" or "qgs" in it's name.

So I proceeded with installing QGIS and to my surprise all of my custom preferences were preserved - that means added repositories and global variables that I set before.

So how can I purge QGIS completely, so there is no single byte of QGIS-related data on my disk? Note I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.

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    Did you check manually e.g. for the QGIS2.conf in .config/QGIS ? – Bernd V. Mar 27 '18 at 14:05
  • well, that was it, looks like I was searching case sensitive. Thanks a lot @BerndV., please post it as an answer and I'll accept it! – adamczi Mar 27 '18 at 14:53

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