We can since a long time display layers at certain scales but is it possible to display a specific symbology categories at certain scales ?

For example if I have the following feature layer:

enter image description here

Can I display the tertiary road only until the scale 1:20000 ?

ArcGis Pro have an option "Enable scale-based sizing" but I'm only able to increase the size of one specific categorie at lower scale but i'm not able to prevent arcgis to display this categorie at lower scale.

  • My Bad, I found the answer immediately after asking the question, I just added an answer below.
    – obchardon
    Mar 27, 2018 at 16:05

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Ok, You can simply add a new size stop and fixe the value at 0pt.

So for example if I do that:

enter image description here

My lines won't display if the scale is lower than 1:50000

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