I did design a simple and quick tool with ModelBuilder that takes a point feature class in my GDB and does two joins and export to another feature classes, then, the tool appends these two feature classes into a new one being the previous ones removed. This last one will show labels with a symbology based on a layer file I created previously but the result will still be labels and I need annotations.

I know the process is easy to perform and only requires a couple of clicks more (right click on the feature class > label to annotations) but I would like to insert this bit within the model builder tool as well.

I do not see any way to achieve this, any ideas?

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Tiled Labels To Annotation should be the tool you are after, otherwise I would look into making a small script that does this. The following script template is provided by Esri for ArcGIS Pro, but should work for ArcMap just as well:

# Name: ConvertLabelsToAnnotation.py
# Description: Find all the maps in the project and
#              convert labels to annotation for each map

# import system modules

import arcpy

# Loop through the project, find all the maps, and
#   convert labels to annotation for each map,
#   using the name of the map as part of the annotation suffix 
project = arcpy.mp.ArcGISProject("D:\\data\\myproject.aprx")
for mp in project.listMaps():
    print("Converting labels to annotation for: " + mp.name)
    arcpy.cartography.ConvertLabelsToAnnotation(mp, 10000, 'D:/data/Cobourg.gdb', 
                                                'Anno_' + mp.name, 'MAXOF', 'ONLY_PLACED', 'REQUIRE_ID', 
                                                'STANDARD', '', '', 'AnnoLayers_' + mp.name)

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