While trying to test routing using OSRM Demo server I sent GET request with the following url:


When I plot the intersections on a web map with OpenStreetMap tiles in the background I get the following route.:


But when I use the same cordinate in the OSRM Demo Server's front-end I get the following route:


I have also check that the JSON response from the OSRM Demo Server's front-end which is the same as the response from the url I requested. From the first screenshot we can see that the while routing the flyover is being ignored and the starting and the ending point of flyover are being connected with a straight line when plotted but that is not the case for the OSRM Demo Server's front-end. What am I doing wrong? Can anybody please help?

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The difference is that you plot only the intersections, whereas the OSRM Demo Server plots the whole route.

To plot the whole route, use the geometry element in routes[0] in the JSON. The route is encoded using Google's polyline algorithm.

If you want the route as GEOJSON linestring instead of the encoded polyline, add &geometries=geojson to your request.

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