I am trying to install the GDAL extension.I need to use ecw files in GeoServer.I want to see more rasters formats display.I was trying to follow this guide http://docs.geoserver.org/latest/en/user/data/raster/gdal.html, but it's not really clear for me..... I have completed this steps

1)Download the GDAL extension for this version and extracted to C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoServer 2.12.1\webapps\geoserver\WEB-INF\lib

2)Download the GDAL 'CRS definitions' for your imageio-ext version create 'GDAL_DATA' as environment variable and populate it C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoServer 2.12.1\GDAL_DATA

3) Download the native libraries for windows populate it C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoServer 2.12.1\gdal-1.9.2-MSVC2010-x64

After that i am confuse how i will do?

  • what do you see listed as raster stores now? – Ian Turton Mar 30 '18 at 11:53
  • @Thanks Ian Turton. It is not showing more rasters formats .... – rajib86 Apr 2 '18 at 11:18
  • then one of the previous steps failed look in the log file to see which – Ian Turton Apr 2 '18 at 11:23
  • @ Ian Turtion, will you please show me one demo for GDAL extension then its really helpful for me.. – rajib86 Apr 2 '18 at 11:56

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