I have a KMZ file that contains about 10,500 features. - My mapping application only allows 10,000 (a google api limit) - So how do I split the KMZ file into two files? - Example, file_A = 5,000 and file_B = 5,500

In QGIS v3, I can open the file, then open the Attribute Table: - I see the 10,500 lines.. - I can select the first 5,000 lines.. - But how do I save these to a new KMZ file?

Or maybe delete the last 5,500 and save to a new file_A..?

Surely there is a way to quickly/easily break a KMZ into two files?

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    Your problem is considering KMZ a file format. It isn't. KML is the format, with a zip compression applied. You cannot split a compressed file without uncompressing first. Due to the volume nature of KML, splitting requires additional work before the resulting KMLs can be recompressed. Please Edit the question to specify what you have tried so far, and take the Tour to better understand how things work here. Welcome to GIS SE.
    – Vince
    Mar 29, 2018 at 14:54

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Open select by attribute dialog for the actual layer from the toolbar. select by attribute

Select the first 10000 records using $id from the record group.

Selection expression

Select Save as from the popup menu of the layer and check save only selected features. Input a name for the new layer.

Save as

Invert the selection of the layer.

Invert selection

Finally Save as the second part of the layer.

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