I have a raster in WGS 1984 coordinate system with the pixel values denoting categorical values i.e. the raster is a land use land cover raster, with each value meaning water bodies, ice, forest etc.

I need to convert it to the unamed ellipse sinusoidal projection (with a linear unit of meters), since my remaining rasters are in this projection. I have tried-

projectRaster(raster in WGS 1984 system, crs(raster in sinusoidal projection), method='ngb' since my raster is categorical as mentioned above).

I get this error message- Error in (function (classes, fdef, mtable) : unable to find an inherited method for function ‘res’ for signature ‘"CRS"’.

In context to this question, what does the error message mean and how do I solve it such that the projection works.

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The help for projectRaster looks like this:

 projectRaster(from, to, res, crs, method="bilinear", 
              alignOnly=FALSE, over=FALSE, filename="", ...) 

When you do projectRaster(r1, r2) it matches the from and to arguments, and the to argument has to be:

 to: Raster* object with the parameters to which 'from' should be

a raster object. But you fed it crs(raster object). You don't need to use crs if you have a raster, you can feed it the two rasters:

 r3 = projectRaster(r1, r2)

should work. If you only have a crs object, you have to name the parameter so it matches the crs argument rather than the to argument:

cc = crs(r2)
r3 = projectRaster(r1, crs=cc)

should also work.

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