I need to take a polygon that show the viewshed given a point in a DEM file to ask the question: "What can I see from here to X kilometers ? "

I already read this Performing viewshed analysis with Dutch AHN files in QGIS?

but I need to calculate it using a command line tool like GDAL in a headless Linux environment.

I must give a DEM file, a coordinate (obviously it must fall into the DEM bounding box) and expect to receive a polygon geometry containing the viewshed area.

Is such thing possible to do?


Sorry guys... I need to take a look in some options. Seems I was too fast to ask.

Viewshed Analysis With GDAL: I down't know if I can install GRASS in my server just for this...

https://github.com/jonnyhuck/Viewshed: GREAT! Will give a look...

https://github.com/thingless/viewshed : OPS! Site offline but the code is still there...


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