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I am trying to create a model to work on multiple computers with little editing. I am working in QGIS 3.0. I am trying to get the model to first set the style for the layers based on a predefined qlr. Is there a way to generalize the style file path so that it seeks a folder called "Layer Styles."

For example in ArcMap i use %Scratchworkspace% for some generalization.

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The "Layer Styles" folder I would like the model to point to is saved on the C drive so it does not need to be changed

C:\Layer Styles


You can use variables:

  • @user_account_name to get the account name of the user, such as 'C:/Users/'|| @user_account_name ||'/Desktop/file.qml'.
  • @project_folder to get the folder of the project you work with is saved in, such as @project_folder ||'/file.qml'
  • @project_home to get the home folder of your project

Or create a new variable within project properties. But since you would have to create this one on each computer, it is not really easier...

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