I am putting together a map in the web based AGOL map creator that would show population density using a restAPI from the US Census. The field that contains the area is called AREALAND and is calculated out in square feet and I am interested in converting this into square miles. I have tried to add a calculated field in AGO, but the table options don't allow me to create a field since it's an read only file. I could calculate out the density in the pop-up, but I can't get it to show the density on the map. Is there another way to create a virtual field?

UPDATE So I found the query link at the bottom of the page and I am assuming that this is where I could do a simple query (AREALAND / 27878400) , but I am not sure where this calculation needs to be done or the formatting of the query (VBA JS?).

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This is something that can be accomplished with a custom field. simply open up the webmap with the rest attached and go to change style > choose an attribute to show > custom > use arcade to create a custom calculation.

In this case I was looking to calculate the population density by square mile, so I just had to put the population / (area ft/ 27878400)

$feature.POP100 / ($feature.AREALAND / 27878400)

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