I have a QGIS version 2.18.18 map with pie-chart diagrams. The pie-chart maps display correctly in both QGIS-desktop and QGIS-server versions. The pie-chart classes are correctly displayed in the QGIS desktop layers panel.

However, when I request the legend from QGIS server using a getlegendgraphic request, the pie-chart colors are not drawn.

The getlegendgraphic request is formatted as follows:

Map with diagrams:
Map with diagrams

Pie charts defined with Layer-Properties->Diagrams->Assigned Attributes:
Layer diagram definition

The legend in QGIS-desktop layers panel:
QGIS legend in layers panel

QGIS server getlegendgraphic response (missing colored classes):
Server legend from getlegendgraphic request

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Is there a work-around?

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problem (almost) solved in QGIS version 3.0.1

The layers panel in QGIS-desktop 3.0.1:
enter image description here

The getlegendgraphic from the QGIS-server 3.0.1:
enter image description here

For some reason the layer names are now duplicated. The getlegendgraphic request is now:


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