I was wondering if after a random point creation and constraining it to a feature class (with several features). Can I add a field (to the output table) which displays (names) the correlating feature the point was constrained to? I am assuming since the point was constrained to a feature, that information is available somewhere - though I might be completely off on this assumption.

For example, I create 5 random points in a feature class that has 5 features (5 polygons). In the output, am I able to indicate/label in a new field each random's constraining polygon?

  • Use tool Spatial Join – BERA Apr 3 '18 at 10:44

As BERA suggested, use Spatial Join. You can use the geoprocessing tool, or in this simple case, you can just follow the step-by-step spatial join instructions ESRI has here. Right click on your points and join polygons to points. The points will pick up the attributes of the polygon that it falls inside.

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