I am currently working on a project which I must calculate Anselin Local Moran's I. I am using polygon features and ArcMap 10.4.1. Here is my problem: when I am trying to run the command ArcMap shows no problem running the command but the output feature is never created. I have double checked the Path of the output feature! Any thoughts of what might goes wrong?


What Moran's I tool are you using specifically? There are two, one of which creates a separate output:

Spatial Autocorrelation (Global Moran's I)

Cluster and Outlier Analysis (Anselin Local Moran's I) I would check your Geoprocessing > Results to verify the tool you are using and it will also indicate to you where your output file is located under: Output Feature Class. If you right-click > Add-to display it will add it to your current ArcMap session. My guess is it might be saving to your default gdb ArcGIS\Default.gdb\.

  • I am using Cluster and Outlier Analysis (Anselin Local Moran's I) tool. Thank you for your reply. I have found the solution. I just have closed ArcMap and re-opened it and the problem solved. – NikosGr Apr 7 '18 at 13:19

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