I would like to create a dxf from several shapefiles using ogr. The only way I can see to do this would be to create the dxf from one file and then convert the others to the same file using the append option. However when I try this I get an error. Here is my statement:

ogr2ogr -f DXF E:\test\augusta.dxf E:\test\100yrflood.shp -append

And this is the error I get:

ERROR 1: Layer '100yrflood' does not already exist in the output dataset, and cannot be created by the output driver.

Incidentally, I also have columns called 'layer' and 'color' which are standard cad fields that I have populated and would like to carry over to the dxf. The layer field translates but the color field doesn't, I get this error:

ERROR 1: DXF layer does not support arbitrary field creation, field 'Color' not created.

Can anyone help?

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