I am trying to load layers from WMS using QGIS with following adress:


I am able to connect to server and see available layers however I cannot load them on the map. I tried to change ESPG or load layers on empty project but still I can't see anything on the map.

Can you please tell me is it possible to load "siec_energetyczna" layer from this WMS and why I can't load the layers?

I saw that connection is working fine on this website: http://bialystok.geoportal2.pl/map/www/mapa.php?CFGF=wms&mylayers=%20granice%20OSM

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    As well as the fact that some internal URL is advertised in the GetCapabilities response, (which is an error), also take note that the layers are scale layered and particularly siec_energetyczna which tells us: <ScaleHint min="0.141421" max="2.020305"/> – nmtoken Apr 7 '18 at 18:37

That is an unconventional WMS server to say the least - when I try to get the capabilities directly it returns a text string but no xml. However, QGis does some how manage to get a layers listing. But, it seems that contains an invalid getMap address of http://podgik-2:83/? (you can check this in the layer properties metadata) so if you go to your WMS connection and edit it you can tick the Ignore GetMap/GetTile URI reported in capabilities and QGis will work out how to request the layers directly from the same endpoint as the capabilities document and will then display data.

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