I need to create a feature collection from a list containing coordinates and band values. These are extracted from a landsat image as shown in this linked script.

Extract complete pixel values inside a geometry

I'm unable to find a solution in creating a feature collection. Here is the tail end code.

var valuesList = joinedImage.reduceRegion({
  reducer: ee.Reducer.toList(4),
  geometry: myGeometry

var feature = ee.Feature(null, valuesList);

// Wrap the Feature in a FeatureCollection for export.
var myFeatures = ee.FeatureCollection([feature]);

// Export the image, specifying scale and region.

This doesn't work, because it is clearly the wrong way to create the feature collection. I've tried to create it similar to Rodrigo E. Principe's solution of mapping a Feature Collection but I can't seem to create the initial feature collection to start with.


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valuesList = ee.List(valuesList) // Cast valuesList

var myFeatures = ee.FeatureCollection(valuesList.map(function(el){
  el = ee.List(el) // cast every element of the list
  var geom = ee.Geometry.Point([ee.Number(el.get(0)), ee.Number(el.get(1))])
  return ee.Feature(geom, {'B4':ee.Number(el.get(2)), 'B5':ee.Number(el.get(3))})

Map.addLayer(myFeatures) // see the result

// Export the image, specifying scale and region.
  • Any clue how I could include a "date" column in the above code snippet?
    – csheth
    Oct 8, 2018 at 9:06

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